BUGZILLA Electric Fly Swatter Racket Rotating Head Type-C Rechargeable Electric Bug Zapper Racket Mosquito Zapper Fruit Fly Zapper Racket Gnat Wasp Killer Indoor 1 Pack

【Patented Rotating Head Design】Easy use in various angles and scenarios. Make it easier to capture bugs on wall or celling.【Rechargeable Battery】High capacity rechargeable battery for longer running time and longevity. Charge via USB Type-C port.【3500v Power】Instant kill any flying bugs such as fly, mosquito, gnat or moth.【3-layer Safety Protection】3-layer wire mesh design for safety protection. No shock when accidentally touch.【Handheld, Standing or Wall mount】Handheld to capture bugs. Standing to attract bugs. Wall mount for neat storage or attract bugs.
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