Kazmerek Period Underwear for Women Teens Girls 3 Pack Postpartum Maternity Panties
$10.88 $26.99

Leak Proof Period Underwear for Women: Suit for times of incontinence, discharges or sudden leaks, protect the sheets. Sleep safe and sound, whether you lie on your back or front, with Kazmerek's full front to rear protection. 95% cotton, comfortable and breathable, is very suitable for our female skin.Multi-layer Linings Women’s Period Underwear: -- The period panties are made of multi-layer linings: main fabric + leakproof layer + pure cotton crotch, which will provide you with maximum protection during your menstrual period. Say good bye to leak proof.Machine & Hand Wash: The special fabric of the leak-proof layer in our women's postpartum underwear has strong absorption, is breathable and waterproof, and easy to clean out stains. The menstrual panties for women are reusable and easy to clean.Mid Waist Cotton Menstrual Panties: -- Women's period panty with a soft and elastic waistband for wearing comfort. Tag-free design for no irritation or itchy feeling when wearing on it.Perfect for Postpartum Moms & Teens in Periods: -- These panties can be served as postpartum underwear after delivering a baby or for c-section recovery. This menstrual underwear is also a nice choice for teens as it can make them feel protected about not having embarrassing leakage at school.
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