Benran Mid-autumn Festival Moon Cake Mold (Flower Stamp of 4 100g)

This moon cake mold makes a 50g to 125g exquisite moon cake. A miniature snack size.Eco-friendly Material: High quality stainless steel spring plunger + ABS/BPA free food grade plastic. Thus, pressed pattern is very clear.Creative and excellent design makes mold durable and exquisite. Various patterns of cake stamp give you enough choices, just ready your ingredients.One set consists of one stainless steel spring plunger and various stamp pattern plates. Easy to clean and convenient to use. Comes apart for quick cleaning: Roll out - Cut out- Press and eject. After using, please dry it up and place it in a cool position. Don't use it in ovens or put in boiled water.Each stamp can be functioned as a cookie cutter, which is also perfect for making pumpkin cakes, cookies and different kinds of desserts. Suits for Kitchen, baking room, hotel and all kinds of party, especially for those who love traditional moon cakes. Now have your own cake mould, enjoy fun of DIY, and take various different kinds of delicious flower moon cakes home.
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