1.5L Electric Hot Pot without Steamer,Ceramic Non-sticking Coating , Perfect for Ramen, Spaghetti, Egg, Dumpling, Oatmeal,Porriage ,1.5L 110V 600W White

1. Multi-functional Electric Pot : You can Cook or Sauté anytime with this pot . This pot contains ceramic non-stick coating , can Sauté steak , also can stir fry , roast , and cook ramen , oatmeal and soup .2. One person one pot : Enjoy shabu shabu hot pot with stecoker instant pot , enjoy your life .3. Small Capacity : Its full capacity is 1.5L , suggest boil water less than 1.2L . The ramen pot is small and easy to store . Space Saver .4. With Ceramic Non-stick Coating : More easy to clean , more easy to cook .5. Please cook with the electric cooker with available utensils as instruction (Silicone Shovel or Wooden Shovel) , do not wash the pot with steel ball . Welcome you send us message when you meet any problem to use the pot , we like service you .6. With two gear switch , big power (ii 600W) to boil water , small(i 300W) to keep warm .
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