Bauducco Mini Panettone Classic - Moist & Fresh Holiday Cake - Traditional Italian Recipe With Candied Fruit & Raisins - 3.5oz

MINI PANETTONE CLASSIC: Moist and fresh holiday cake with candied fruits and raisins, in a mini version.ORIGINAL RECIPE: Made with the finest ingredients in a 52-hour-long natural fermentation process.TRAVEL SIZE, MOIST & FRESH: Small holiday cake, ready to eat. They’re moist, fresh, and aromatic, prepared to be enjoyed at home, at the office, anywhere.SMALL GIFT. BIG HEART: Everyone wishes for a sweet holiday treat, and this Bauducco Mini Panettone is the perfect gift. They’re delicious, cute looking, and a simple way to show friendship and love.FUN IN THE KITCHEN: Have fun preparing delicious treats like Ice Cream-filled Mini Panettone with your kids.
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