Winner Cotton Tissues Facial Towels Biodegradable Cotton Wipes, Double Sided Texture 100% Cotton with OEKO-Tex Safety Certified, 7.87x7.87inch, Pack of 6, Total 480 Count
$31.99 $38.99

Each cotton towel is made from pure, natural cotton that absorbs only water, sunlight and air during its growth, it's Chemical Free, natural and unscented, time to farewell the tissue paper produced by deforestation and the bacteria that grow from towels.What We Hold On: Each sheet of Winner Cotton Tissues comes with the Certifications of CLIMAT PLEDGE FRIENDLY and OEKO-Tex, the maximum to ensure consumer safety and make sustainability easier.What Makes Difference: Compared to other ordinary paper towels or cotton wipes, our cotton towels contain a design with a two-sided texture, one side is as soft as cotton to be touched, and the other side has a pearl texture to increase friction for better pampering the skin.Ideal For Skin Care: Duel Use between dry and wet, quite flexible, without flaking residue even in water, and be careful that please don’t use it if your skin ain't agree with this facial tissue.What We Focus On: Winner is committed to promoting the harmonious development of human beings and nature through cotton products, thus we made our cotton towels naturally degradable as well as soil fertilizable, for ensuring people enjoy healthy lives while also taking care of our planet.
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