SK-II Pitera Essence Set


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Crystal, clear skin begins with our first ever SK-II Pitera Essence Set designed to introduce you to the essentials in your luxurious SK-II skincare ritual. Each product contains our unique ingredient, Pitera, which helps to moderate the skin's natural surface renewal cycle for beautiful, glowing skin. The set contains 2.5 oz of Facial Treatment Essence, 1 oz Facial Treatment Clear Lotion and one Facial Treatment Mask.
  • The Facial Treatment Essence: contains over 90% of the amazing ingredient Pitera®. By helping to moderate the skin’s natural surface renewal cycle, this is the ultimate must-have for beautiful, glowing skin.
  • To wipe off the constantly aggravating dead skin cells on the face, the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion is a clarifying lotion that removes and exfoliates the skin.
  • Facial Treatment Mask: an intensive moisture-boosting mask which immediately hydrates your skin, leaving it noticeably radiant, soft and translucent. Enriched with Pitera®.
  • Facial Treatment Clear Lotion: After cleansing, use to wipe off any dead skin cells and then sprinkle a teaspoon amount of the Facial Treatment Essence into the palms of the hands before pressing the essence gently onto the skin.

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