Gourmet Stainless Steel Santoku Chef Knife Set 3 Piece

$11.99 From $37.99

  • We all know that we should be eating more of our meals at home, both to maintain a healthier lifestyle and to develop closeness in our relationships. Make cooking at home more fun with the Clever Chef Stainless Steel Santoku Chef Knife Set. The innovative design features of these knives will turn prepping delicious meals from a chore into a delight.
  • Dull knives are prone to slipping and cause you to use more force to complete your slicing and dicing. This additional force can lead to more cutting accidents and cause them to be more severe. Protect yourself and your loved ones while bringing the joy of cooking back to your life with a set of professional quality knives.
  • The Clever Chef Gourmet Stainless Steel Santoku Chef Knife Set comes in a sleek, attractive gift box that ensures your knives arrive with their razor sharp edges intact. Looking for the perfect birthday, wedding shower, anniversary, or Mother's Day gift? Give your loved one the comfort and convenience of a well designed knife set that they'll use every day.
  • The 3 piece set includes all of the basic knives a beginning cook needs, or that the experienced cook might want to replace. From slicing tough veggies and meats to delicately peeling small fruits, we have the perfect tool. Find details and dimensions for each piece below in the description.
  • Backed By Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (Details Below in Description)

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