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Nowadays, most electrical devices are designed to be more than one feature thus making them really complicated. This complicates the life of a user if at all he/she purchased the item for a sole purpose. Therefore, some folk really dig deep or shallow in the market in search of a standard item that really matches their needs. For instance, the sole reason for purchasing an alarm clock is to wake somebody up or for event timing. There's a variety of alarm clocks in the market today; some with radios while others have even Bluetooth. The Housbay small digital USB alarm clock is designed to meet the single purpose. Its design fits your slumber land whereby you can peacefully fall asleep knowing that this clock will ultimately wake you up. Usually, it’s an easy alarm clock charging station that really makes your life simple and time conscious that you should consider purchasing as a household device. You'll always enjoy having it in your house for its price matches its value. 

Large Alarm Clock with Big Digits
This is made easier by its big-time digits that you can easily check regardless of your position in your bedroom
Desktop Alarm Clock with Twin USB Slots
To easily charge two devices simultaneously really fast
House Alarm Clock with Adjustable Brightness
Two brightness settings - HIGH and LOW (only 50% dim) depending on your preference 
USB Clock with Easy Snooze
The clock alarm rings continuously for about 9 minutes with classical beep sound. To snooze it, you can easily press the big SNOOZE button for eight more minutes to sleep.

Package included:
1* USB Digital Clock
1*Instruction Manual
1*Warranty Card


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