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The Perfect Night Book Light For Reading In Bed

Reading Just Got More Fun! Reading in camping, traveling, on the trees, in a sofa corner, or under a blanket, anywhere you want.

  • Love to read at night without disturbing your partner?
  • Hate having to buy new batteries every time your reading light dies out?
  • Tired of cheap, flickering and poorly made reading lamps?
  • No idea what kind of gift to send your mom on mothers day?

Lose Yourself In Your Favorite Book And Enjoy Up To 20 Hours Of Reading Time Before Charging

  • Easy Charging. Charge with laptop, computer, portable charger, etc.
  • Flexible and Infinitely Adjustable Neck for ease of positioning your book reading light.
  • Four Brightness Settings allows you to set the desired light level.
  • Gives Steady and Evenly Distributed Light, without hotspots or flickering.
  • Lightweight, Compact and Ideal For Travel. Take it on holidays, Camping and more.
  • Well-Built, Durable and Made From High Quality Materials.



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