Crane 1 Gallon Humidifier, Hello Kitty

$27.87 From $49.99

Ultrasonic Cool Mist increases air moisture for easier breathing and a good night's sleepRelieves cough, cold, and flu symptoms, nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, nose bleeds, and dry skin and hairRecommended non-medicated alternative to over the counter cough and cold medicineClean Control Antimicrobial Material is proven to help reduce mold and bacteria growth up to 99.96%Removable 1 gallon tank easily fits under most bathroom sinksProvides relief for cough, cold and flu symptomsSupports easier breathing and congestion relief from allergy and asthmatic type symptomsProvides moisture for dry coughs, sinus irritation, dry skinWhisper-quiet ultrasonic operationMoisture output up to 2.1 gal. per dayThe humidifier ejects mist at the very low setting, however that mist may not be visible as it is produced at an ultra fine level


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